Clipboard Manager: conditional limits for image vs text & better filtering

I now use BTT's clipboard manager as my sole clipboard history. I used to use Alfred's, but I like BTT's because it lets me keep up to a year's worth of history, where Alfred's is arbitrarily limited to three months.

One feature that Aflred supports that I do appreciate is different age limits depending on the content type:


Please could we have the same in BTT. I want to keep text for a year (or even more if you'd let me?), but I don't need to keep images for more than a month, or even less.

Being able to have images purged earlier would stop the clipboard history growing to huge sizes, while still allowing a long history.

Secondly, it'd be great if the history could be filtered by type - text vs images - and for the search to work for images, meaning it would search the "Copied from xxx" text. Something like this:


Thanks in advance.

Good ideas. I also wanted to add something like "keep files smaller than X"

I'll soon work on some improvements for the clipboard manager, then I'll add this. (I also want to support Montereys text selection in images and the ability to run shortcuts on clipboard items)

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