Clipboard History - Keyboard Shortcuts Failing

Since the new update to version 3.362 when I use the clipboard history function the keyboard shortcuts to the various paste options "don't work". I can mouse/click the options just fine, but the speed of the Command-P for example to select "Plain Text" doesn't seem to work. This is on OS X 10.15.4; I confirmed things are OK under 10.14.6 with the same version. I also verified the accessibility and security setting on the system to the best of my understanding.

Anyone else seeing this issue ?

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I occurred similar issue.
In my case, default short cut like a "Command-P" is working fine.
But short cut key of own custom js function is not working.
It seems that keyboard shortcut is not recognized.
My environments are follows:

  • Better touch tools: 3.402
  • MacOS: Catalina 10.15.6 ( MacBook Pro 13-inch, 2020 )