Click, select and scroll


I'v got one of the brand new MBP's 14'' with M1 Pro chip under MacOS Monterey 12.0.1.

I've noticed a strange behaviour with BTT which I think I didn't experience before. I'm currently running BTT 3.626 (1778)

A thing I do a lot is select text over multiple pages (or on long webpage) to copy it. To do so I physically click the trackpad with my thumb, select the beginning of the text with my index finger and then, with my thumb still "clicked", I scroll (down or up) with two fingers to select the rest of the text I need.

I can't do it with BTT enabled. This works fine when enabled...

Here are the only gestures I have set up :

Is that a bug or something I should set up differently ?

Thanks already for your hints :slight_smile:

After the recent 12.1 update, nothing changes.

Since I haven't received any answer to my questions, I suppose I wasn't clear enough... or nobody has encountered this particular issue.

Please tell me how to be more precise :slight_smile:

Thanks !