Click and Hold?

This may be self-evident, but I can't figure it out.

How do I define an action as click and hold?
(I need both left and right click).


Ah. Figured it out.
Under Custom Click, Trigger only mouse down, Left/ Right Click.
I knew this had to be trivial.
(Still getting used to the new UI).

I cant seem to find the "Custom Click" option, is it a trackpad setting in BTT or is this post wrongly marked as Trackpad topic.

What I am trying to do : MS Teams has a whiteboard feature, but to draw, you will need to press down on trackpad and draw with finger and that is nearly impossible. So if I can setup a key combination that trigger press and hold, I could use that and then draw with trackpad normally. Any thoughts?

Same - unable to find Custom Click

It's called "Custom Mouse Buttons & Modifiers" nowadays: