Chrome Next Tab SHortcut

Great product! How can I configure BTT on my Macbook to use the touchpad to cycle through tabs in the same window? I have tried adding Chrome as an application and adding 2 finger swipe as a gesture, I then added the chrome shortcut sequence ^ right arrow and it fails to work.


Like this (you need to use the tab key, not the arrow key):

However two finger swipes are not optimal because they are by default used to go forward and back in history.

Thanks KS for the quick reply it worked great.

For some reason this is not working for me...

i go to app sepcifci Chrome...and choose 2 finger 1 tip right or left

and set it to Control (Arrow up) + Left or right...
as soon as I press control on the keyboard the Gold Chaos plugin changes the bar.,..

So even on Chrome i try the shortcut they mentioned "Arrow Up (Control) + Left or right...

it wont work..


I have the same issue, I also have switched the Control with Command from System Preferences.

I was also looking to create Tip-Tap shortcuts (Left & Right) to have Chrome & Safari switch tabs...

Did you find any solution?