Chrome is not snapping or resizing properly

Describe the bug
My google chrome is not resizing and snapping properly. I'ts difficult to explain with words so I will attach a video showing what is happening. It only happens with google chrome. My chrome version is
(100.0.4896.127 (oficial version) (arm64)). Has been like this for weeks now. And as you can see on the video, safari works perfectly.

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have a look here Latest Chrome stable doesn't work with Better Snap Tool - #29 by Andreas_Hegenberg

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg

I am also having exactly this problem (it started a few weeks ago) but have looked at the thread you've linked to above and it seems to refer to people also using Grammarly but I don't use/have Grammarly. Any suggestions?

there could be other apps that cause this as well, I’d still recommend to try the terminal command

Thanks Andreas. I'm not sure what exactly worked. I uninstalled grammarly and rebooted my mac and the problem was still there, then I deleted some chrome extensions that I wasn't really using anymore and ran that command line from that topic and rebooted my mac. Then it worked! Whatever it was is now working perfectly so far.

Hello Annie, I fixed the issue. But uninstalling grammarly didnt help either. I would recommend running the command line from the topic Andreas recommended and then reboot your computer and check if it's back. If not, I would check other chrome extensions and uninstalling them too and then reboot and check. Good luck, hope it helps!