Chrome debugger Touch Bar preset

Hey! I sometimes use chrome debugger to debug JS/CSS/Html. However the Touch Bar support in Chrome is very useless, so I make a Touch Bar group by BTT and it can trigger and switch automatically, just like it is a part of Chrome app.

I just put it on my Github.(

I hope this can help you. :wink: And if you like it, I wish you can give me a :star: on Github, Thx.

不得劲er啊老弟, 要是能够加到conditional group,检测只有在devtool这个窗口下自动显示就好了呀

Thanks for a such useful tool)
I got an issue with it, debugger buttons blink all the time. Is it possible to fix?
Chrome Version 77.0.3865
Mac OS Catalina
BTT 3.206

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