Choose default font for Touch Bar

It would be fantastic to be able to customise the font used in the Touch Bar (with an option to override any other selections)... I don't know exactly which typeface is being used currently but I'd certainly like to experiment with SF Camera (from the iPhone 11 Pro's Camera UI), and San Fransisco Compact...

I agree. The current font seems a bit heavier than Apple's. Definitely draws my attention a bit too much from my screen.

If you know the exact name of the font you can override it using this terminal command:

defaults write com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool BTTTouchBarCustomFontName THENAMEOFTHEFONT

This needs to be run while BTT is quit. The font names usually look like this:

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Thank you, that's awesome! SFCamera (ripped from an iPhone 11 filesystem I think) looking much sharper, I think SFCamera is one of the most impressive more condensed typefaces. It's highly readable and also pretty cool looking. Anyway, thank you! That was actually easier than I anticipated, I thought Apple would have for sure end-to-end encrypted the entire type system via the T2 chip and NASA! (Of course even if they did it may still be negated by a defaults write haha)

Is it possible to set the vertical position at all? Many fonts seem to be too low on the buttons. This is SF Compact Light at 15 pt...

Even the default seems a bit low.