Choice of calendars to show?

Is there any way to show events from only certain calendars (or to exclude some calendars)? I know it could be done before moving to the native widget.

jup the widget has an option to select the calendars by entering their name

I apologize for asking, but where can I find this option? I've looked around and checked the documentation but don't see anything.

Also, can all-day events be turned off?

Perfect! Thank you! While I have you, let me also include a request to support BusyCal. Thanks for this great app!

Also—it would be great to have a "Normal Events and Reminders" only option.

Yup, these are already planned :slight_smile:

Very cool—thanks again!

Strangely, the calendar selection is not working. Am I doing something wrong that you can see?

Ae you using exchange calendars? I think they currently don't work because they use some other internal name, but I haven't been able to test that yet.

No, just iCal and Google. I'll restart the computer and see if that helps. (I've already tried restarting BTT.)

Which version of macOS are you on?

I'm on 10.15.4 (No luck with the restart.)

Weird, so it does still show all events or no event?

It shows one event, and there's a bright-red calendar next to it with the number 6. When I tap the icon, I get this. Maybe I should try updating to the latest experimental version of GoldenChaos.

I upgraded to GoldenChaos 3.352. It's still showing all the calendars; but now when I click on the calendar icon, it opens the Calendar program, so at least that's fixed. I should perhaps add that I am using the latest alpha of BTT.

I wonder whether the @GoldenChaos preset maybe has multiple places where it defines a calendar widget?

My mistake—there are actually a lot of places with the relevant widget. The ones (there were several) I needed were under "Home Strip," called "Next Events/Reminders Widget."

Thank you for your help!

Is it possible to add an option to exclude calendars? I have a long list of (changing) calendars, and I only want to exclude a couple of them.