Check action option

Many times you build an action and it doesn't work and you don't know if it's because of something wrong with the trigger or the action.
We also want to check how the action functions with different configurations, and the only way is by causing the trigger. It seems to me that it would be very helpful if, when right-clicking on an action, in this menu, there would be a "Check Action" option:

And maybe also an option to mark several actions (with cmd pressed) and choose "check actions".

An automation app (excellent, btw) that I know of that does this is MacroDroid (an Android app).

I don't understand, what would "check action" do?

If you just want to run the action without actually performing the trigger, use this button:

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I've been using BTT for two years and never noticed this button :flushed:
You might also consider adding it to the right-click menu like Enable/Disable, Delete, etc.

yep good point! the right click menu has just been added recently, it makes sense in there as well.

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