ChatGPT Preset Floating Window doesn't work anymore.


using Floating Window for ChatGPT from the presets here, this is suddenly not working anymore.

  • the chat window opens
  • I type in my question
  • ChatGPT response but freezes on the "working" point (flashing big/ small). No answer is coming.

Anyone knows, why? I am logged in and using Safari instead of BTT Floating menu it works also.



maybe some caching issues.
Can you right-click and select „clear webview caches“?

Yes, I cleared webview caches, I then had to log-in again, but the issue stays the same.

Good to know:

  • the floating window freezes
  • but going via Safari -> chatgpt there are all my prompts in the left menu bar I did via the floating menu and already processed. So the floating window doesn't get the feedback by openai?

Which version of macOS and BTT are you using? (I'm using the webview chatgpt all the time, so it's not a general problem)

Could you export your chatgpt webview setup? (right click the trigger, "export selected triggers to file" and post it here?

Have you already tried to restart your machine?

Same issue. With both "show floating web view" and the preset "chatgpt-menu" downloaded from this site. My current theory is that the window has to be a certain size?? (Seems more likely to break when very narrow). I just started using a larger window, will see if that resolves it.

MacOS 14.3.1
BTT 4.458
exported_triggers2.bttpreset (12.8 KB)
exported_triggers.bttpreset (2.2 KB)