Changing Volume up/down/mute without holding CMD

Hi there,

new to BTT and the community here. I'm demoing BTT and I just wanted to know how to setup correctly the following:
Mac Pro running Big Sur - when external audio card is connected (UAD Apollo sound card) I'd like to be able to control the output volume with the Magic Keyboard. At the moment I'm allowed to do this only by holding down CMD + F10/F11/F12. I'd like to make it working without CMD and, if possible, increase/decrease by holding the respective key. Here somebody explained how to set it up

the BTT interface looks completely different tho so I assume it's an old version. Can somebody explain me how to set it with the current version? I guess it's a pretty easy task but I tried to figure out for a while with different settings and I always came up with nothing.
That's the only reason that would make me buy BTT, no other functionalities needed :slight_smile: