Changing Display Resolution Results in Loss of Snap Areas

Good evening,

Tonight after having merged snap areas from Better Snap Tool to BTT which I wanted to do as I was having some issues with Better Snap Tool I noticed that if I changed my monitor resolution, the Custom Snap Areas would vanish.

macOS 10.15.5 -- Mac mini with multiple monitors.

Is there a way to keep the Custom Snap Areas based on location rather than resolution?

Wanted to bump this topic back up as it never received a reply. @Andreas_Hegenberg!

Unfortunately that's by design. The snap areas are positioned absolutely and therefore only work on the specific display/resolution that was used for setting them up. However you can define a separate set of snap areas for other resolutions/displays.

In the future I might work on resolution independent snap areas that scale somehow.

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Thanks for the reply. Would definitely love to see that in a future version, thank you!