Changing a Widget Identifier on return of script

Trying to get a widget to change its button text on a TouchBar based on the return of its script, I am trying to get a javascript for automation script working where
var BetterTouchTool = Application('BetterTouchTool');

BetterTouchTool.update_touch_bar_widget("Widget's own UUID",
text: "hi there!",
background_color: "200,100,100,255"
And i am assuming that the text attribute is mapped to the widget identifier, but it doesn't seem to be working/changing anything.

My eventual goal is to use BTT with a theatrical application that sends Open Sound Control, I'm trying to build a script that parses an OSC message, and updates that as the button label, so if anyone has any ideas on how to do that effectively, I'd be happy to hear them!