Change action dynamically

Hi all,

I use the alt tab MacOS app, which allows me to change easily between all open apps and its open windows. The operation is similar to native macOS command + tab, in which while the command key is pressed, the window isn't changed (in the app it's the option key) - and for each press of Tab it goes one app forward and Shift goes backwards.
I would like to set up a gesture like TipTap 3 finger fix (right) to be option+tab and each subsequent tap to press only tab, since tapping again releases the option key pressed and presses option+tab again, not making the correct change I desire. Consequently, the same for TipTap 3 finger fix (left) to press option+shift+tab in the first tab and only shit+tab in the subsequent ones.
I don't know if it can be a possibility to add just to TipTap Gestures a consequent action for further taps.

Either way, thanks for the amazing app and community