Centre cursor on next screen

Is there an easy way to have the mouse/trackpad cursor move to the centre of the next screen? Particularly in a two screen setup.

Use case: When presenting, I need to move my mouse quickly between screens and scrolling around looking for the mouse on screen isn't ideal. I want to move the mouse to the centre of the "next" display that is attached.

Unsure if this is a feature request or is already possible. I had a look around and I couldn't work it out but feel it may be a useful action to have.

if your screen setup is always the same you could use the "Move Mouse To Position" action.

However if the setup is dynamic, this will not work. I think it would be a good idea for me to add an option to allow moving the mouse relative to a specific screen. I'll look into this.

Thanks. I frequent different rooms with different screens on a daily basis so move cursor isn't likely to do the trick as you surmised. I figured an action would be a neat addition. Cheers.