Center Window action offset with Stage Manager


Is there a way to define an "offset" by which the Center Window action would move the window for a defined % off of center left or right?

For example, on this screenshot I have shown that I'd like to center the window but still have it moved by a few pixels to the left horizontally.

I tend to center all windows when I work and sometimes it feels the centering "centers it just a bit too much" ™ :man_shrugging::blush:.

Thanks for the great work on this product!

Unfortunately Stage Center is a mess. It is correctly centered here because the area Stage Manager reserves actually goes almost to your red line. (Stage Manager always reserves about 10% of the screen width)

However if you'd like to change space BTT leaves for Stage Manager, you can adjust it here:

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Thanks for all the great help here!

I'm not sure why I can't get this to work.

I have the settings set to leave a 10% gap, and when I drag, I can see a white line that represents the gap, but neither the preview nor the final window position have a gap — they both go completely to the left side of the screen.

Attaching a screenshot of settings and video using snap area.