Can't use normal usb mouse scroll (with Advanced condition) while using SmoothScroll or MacMousefix running on Ventura?

I use MacMouseFix only for smooth scrolling. No button related action. And while it is active can't use any trigger with mouse scroll anywhere

Same thing SmoothScroll. Disabling those, everything works again.

In BTT settings I have "High level mouse event recognition" enabled as pointed out on reddit. But it didn't help.

However, there is an automation app 1Piece app which has this interesting settings for mouse wheel. Like scroll up on window titlebar to maximize window (One of my long time wish list for BTT ) and scroll down to restore. And guess what, scroll works as usual while both BTT and Macmousefix running! It also works with BTT. No conflict whatsoever!

I tried other applications like Steermouse with them, all at there same time, and it yet scrolling still works in 1Piece.

What could be the issue here ? Is this os/system related ? Does 1Piece does some thing that BTT can't ?

BTT- 4.514