can't update, can't connect to BTT server, new MacBook Air m1, developer attention please

I have recently upgraded my laptop to MacBook Air m1, system Monterey 12.3.1, been using BTT2 on my old macbook pro 15", now using BTT 3.772 (1913) on new MacBook Air, absolutely love it.

however, I am having this weird connectivity issue with BTT server

  1. can't update from App, always shows connection error message, see pic
  2. can't connect to BTT main server using any browser, e.g. safari, chrome. see pic

tried with iPad and iPhone, no problem using safari to connect server, also, safari on MacBook can connect to community forum under, just not the main domain.

disabled AdBlockPlus, reinstalled the app, restarted, nothing solves the problem.

I am using the trial version, wishing to buy the full version, but need to solve this problem before paying.

Has anyone had similar problem like this? how can I solve this please.

pls can someone help, thanks

sounds like some problem with your internet connection, not sure whether I can help here.

Maybe some firewall, or router problem?