Can't reliably get 1 finger MagicMouse scrolling to disable

I am testing out BetterTouchTool to require my Magic Mouse to have two fingers down to scroll. I leave a finger resting on the mouse and then add a second to scroll. I have tried turning on the checkboxes in All Apps and Finder for "Disable Single Finger Scrolling" and "Disable Single Finger Horizontal Scrolling", however it only works intermittently. Usually I will need to go to an app or window and see that it is jittering around with the finger I leave on the mouse and then either click away from the window and click back, or try scrolling with one finger and then two. At that point until I move on to something else it will most of the time require two fingers to scroll. Anything else I can do to help this situation? I used to use MagicPrefs for this functionality and it still works, but gives me all kinds of pop-up warnings when my computer boots since it hasn't been supported or updated in forever. So I don't have it installed anymore.

Thanks in advance!

I tried using Ignore areas as well, and that didn't work. Sometimes it even behaved as if the orange areas were inverted.