Can't quickly enable and disable BTT with a shortcut inside an app

I am trying to create a shortcut that will quickly turn off and turn on BTT when inside of an app (Ableton Live). I want to be able to turn on BTT to use my custom shortcuts and then disable it too to use Ableton's default mappings as well.

I've mapped a keyboard shortcut to the setting "Enable/Disable Better Touch Tool". This will allow me to turn the app off but not back on. Whenever I hit the keyboard shortcut a 2nd time to turn the app back on, simply nothing happens.

Why can't I turn the app back on after it is disabled? Is it disabling itself so that now it can't even recognize it's own shortcut?

yes, if BTT disabled shortcut recognition is completely off.

Maybe instead create different presets, and the corresponding activate/deactivate preset action to switch to a preset that only has one shortcut enabled.

so basically a master preset which is usually active and additionally an ableton preset, which only contains a shortcut to activate the master preset again.

I just tried mapping the "2" key on my keyboard to "Enable/Disable Better Touch Tool" in the Ableton tab and then mapping the "1" key on the All Apps tab also to "Enable/Disable Better Touch Tool". Does not work. Is this what you meant?

no, I’m referring to the preset functionality:

This worked. Thank you!