Can't make keyboard shortcuts work only in Safari

I'm brand new to Better Touch Tool (have only been using it for two days). I'm also brand new to MacOS. I've created some keyboard shortcuts to click at various screen coordinates for me. For example, when I press "m", the mouse will move to x:1102.36 and y:292.80, wait 0.1 seconds, and then left click—simple and straightforward. The only problem is, even though I think I've set these shortcuts to be active in Safari, they're active globally! Here's a screenshot.

If you only have them set up for Safari that should work.
Which version of BTT are you using?

In your screenshot the shortcuts seem to be disabled, but that's probably intentional, correct?

Thank you for the speedy reply, Andreas! I'm using BTT v3.172. Yes, I disabled the shortcuts because they were preventing me from composing my post. It just occurred to me that the problem might be that my shortcuts are single keys (i.e. 'm', 'w', 'v', and so on). I just tried creating a multi-key shortcut 'ctrl+m' and it seems to only be active in Safari.

Weird, it also should work with single key shortcuts (I just tried with "a")

I've tried a few more things at this point. First, I updated Mojave to 10.14.6 which did not solve the problem. I tried it with 'a' and it worked when I created a new trigger but not with my original trigger. Here's a side by side comparison of the source (original shortcut on left and newly created shortcut on right)

By the way, is it possible to edit the source code of a shortcut directly?