Can't keep BTT as a Login Item

Machine: New Mac Mini running Ventura 13.5.2 with an M2 chip.

BTT Version: 4.272 (I know policy is to try on Alpha, but this looks more like an OS issue - plus it's a new machine I'm still setting up and I'm having trouble just getting most things working.)

I depend heavily on BTT. While I don't have dozens and dozens of items defined, I use it to navigate through workspaces and so on. Without it, I'm seriously frustrated. I've been using it for year. I have had times, with a new Mac, where it took one or two attempts to get it setup as a Login Item in Preferences/Settings. So it's seemed like, in the past, I've added it, and it didn't show up next time I booted and I had to set it up again.

Now, with this new Mac Mini, I've put it in the Login Items and then when it rebooted, it didn't come up. So I restart it, then look in Settings and it's not there. I've put it in as a Login Item, both through drag 'n' drop and through using the + icon and navigating to Applications and selecting BTT. Not even 5 minutes ago, after seeing BTT wasn't started at boot, I added it to Login Items and ran BTT. I left Settings open to Login Items and just now I turned around to my new system and looked and BTT is gone - no longer listed as a login item. This is not the first time this has happened and it's just disappeared from Login Items.

So, for some reason, after I put it in the list, Apple decides it's got a problem and removes it from Login Items.

What's going on here?

you need to activate launch on startup in the BetterTouchTool preferences, then it should work fine :slight_smile:

Okay. I did that, restarted it, BTT didn't come up, but as soon as I ran it, I saw it add itself to the Login Items. Restarted again and it came back up.

Out of curiosity, does BTT check that list and remove itself unless that item is enabled in BTT?