Can't get keyboard shortcut for menubar item to work

I don't seem to be able to invoke menubar-item or context item when using Devonthink 3. Looking for advise.
Thank you very much in advance

Devonthink 3 has menu bar item like this

And my set up

Maybe try to put the values in (). Count the how number of the item "Data" (include the Appel for this, it should be the fifth) and put as trigger → menubar-item: (5);(20)
Btw, I would recommend to add a "move mouse to position" as associated action to the "Trigger menubar item" in order to have it right on the first submenu point, or somewhere close to it. :wink:

If triggering the menubar item (5);(20) does not work, you could try to use macOS system preferences to set a shortcut to it.

Doesn't work. It's ok. I will experiment more a bit.
Assign shortcut at system preference using "label" also doesn't work (that's why I tried using BTT). I think it's because "Label" is not the final level of menu, click on "Label" will expand into another 8 label options for me to choose.
Strangely, the context menu trigger worked when I first set it up, then it didn't after a few updates of BTT in the last few days. That's why I try using menu trigger instead.

Jut FYI after more trials
The trigger doesn't work if the designated menu item is pointing to more options. In my case, "Label" points to a range of options. So, Data;Label;(2) works but Data;Label doesn't.
Furthermore, if the menu-item names (such as label or highlights) can be customised by user, only relative trigger works. E.g. Data;Label;(2) works but Data;Label;Follow Up doesn't.

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Oh yeah, fair enough :sweat_smile: What about simulating mouse moving thanks to associated actions?

  1. Move mouse to position of screen enter coordinates of the Data point
  2. Left click
  3. Move mouse to position enter coordinates of the Label item
  4. Click

Eventually you'd have to add some delays between the clicks, idk.

Thank you very much for the suggested work around, I sure will give it a try.

EDITED: Work for menu item but doesn't seem working for contextual menu. This is ok, there are work around with other BTT triggers. e.g. I assign the same shortcut trigger for three of my commonly used labels by their relative positions, once I trigger the shortcut BTT shows three label options for me to choose - all I need to do is to remember which numbers are referring to the actual label names. This is cool enough for me.

Thanks again

Just found a work around. Just (1) setup a series of keyboard shortcuts for different labels in macOS system preference (2) set up a series of actions for each shortcuts with an identical trigger. Given that BTT has conflict mgt, once I use the trigger, all labels are available as choices.