Can't get anything to work with BTT, help?

Hello everyone,
I just purchased the new macbook and I'm trying to get good use of the touchbar.
I downloaded BTT (the free trial) and I really want to set up the touchbar so that I can see the title and artist of the song currently playing on Spotify.

I have tried following different tutorials on how to make this work, however I can't manage to make it work. I think I'm doing something wrong with the settings but everytime I try inputting a code and save, the new widget doesn't show up on the bar. Could anyone post a step by step guide on how to work this out?

As a first time user I feel completely lost and don't understand how the software works at all.

Thanks in advance!!

Did you look at this?



I downloaded the script you linked and run the program. In the editor it does indeed show which song and who it is by I am playing, however whenever I click save on advanced configuration, nothing appears on the touch bar. It simply remains as it is.

Here's the screenshots from my BTT:

Any chance you can tell me what I am missing?
Also, how would it work on spotify?


maybe your BTT Touch Bar is just hidden? You can either press the BTT icon in the control strip or define e.g a keyboard shortcut and assign the "toggle BetterTouchTool Touchbar" predefined action.