Can't create App Specific shortcut

I am trying to create an app-specific shortcut for a GUI application that is part of a MacOS framework. My application spawns this process, and a window is opened. I need to create a shortcut specific to that process.

I am able to add the app with "select from running apps," and it appears in the Application list. I can add shortcuts, but they are not recognized.

This is the process I am trying to create a shortcut for:

I've tried adding both the app bundle, and the process itself, with no luck. I've added them using the "select from running apps" option, as well as choosing them manually. When I open Live View, I can see the actions are not detected by BTT.

If I set up the same shortcut as a Global shortcut, it works fine in this application window.

Is there a way to create an App Specific shortcut that matches a process name, rather than using the selector? The issue seems to be with how BTT determines the running app.

Any help is much appreciated.