Cannot unselect FN trigger

I only just realised that previously set (and working) triggers using Key FN A) do not work anymore and B) cannot be unselected anymore.

I am not sure when this started happening, however here is the breakdown:

  1. I had previously set up a number of hidden Touch Bar buttons that show only if FN + CMD are pressed
  2. This still visible in the app, see this screenshot
  3. However it doesnt work no more (pressing CMD + FN will just bring up the function keys in the Touch Bar
  4. I wanted to change the trigger to use perhaps CTRL + Something else, but I cannot deselect the FN no more in the settings, see this screenshot Screenshot 2021-04-09 at 16.08.00 - it is grey.

Any solution for this or do I have to recreate all the commands?


You have probably changed the Touch Bar settings in System Preferences => Keyboard => Press and hold FN. I think this needs to be set to "Expand Control Strip"

That did it.