Cannot Turn Window Snapping Off

Can't seem to disable drag(to edges) window snapping.

  1. w/ all corners/sides deactivated.

2.No matter what key-combination I use to manually disable...

No combination of any of these options seems to disable the window resizing function which is very irritating:

Also, im not exactly sure if this is due to the addition of "stage manager" on the new Mac OS Ventura, but on the left side of the screen it snaps well before the cursor even touches the edge of the screen. This makes it impossible to do anything (resize, move, click, etc) the window/title-bar of any open window on that side of the screen (where it makes most sense to line windows up to) without triggering the "resize window to Left 1/2 of the screen" function:

MacBook Pro 2018
OS Ventura
Better Snap Version: 1.9.8

For the stage manager stuff, you can change this behavior in the settings:

Turning snapping off should really work, not sure what could cause this to not work. These are no custom snap areas that are showing when dragging to the left/right, correct?
Do you maybe have my other app (BetterTouchTool) running at the same time? (Does window snapping stop if you quit BetterSNAPtool?)