Cannot show more than one "control strip button" at a time.

I've tried just about everything I possibly can and I cannot figure out what is holding me back. My issue is that I am trying to create 2 control strip buttons that show up for all apps. In nearly every configuration I have tried it will only show one button, the first / top-most button on the list. If I have OSX default buttons, it will add it; if I remove all the default buttons, it will still only show one. All the buttons are valid and work - I can change their order and whichever one is on top will be the one that shows.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

unfortunately the TouchBar only supports one custom control strip button.

Maybe you can use long press to trigger a different action?

Is this a limitation of OSX or BTT? I'm only asking for the record and for others that might have similar questions in the future.


macOS (even the one button BTT can show is a hack)