Cannot launch the BTT app all I got is "BTT is currently disabled..."


There is no way for me to open the application to change any settings. I do not have the BTT icon on the taskbar.


If you did hide the BTT Menubar icon, you can open the BTT preferences by just starting BTT twice.
Then you can enable the menubar icon again:

hmm but the thing is i cannot even launch the BTT app

It is already launched if it can show that message in your screenshot. Just launching it again should open the preferences window.

Same issue here, relaunching the app doesn't bring up the window though. Is there another way?

You need to "launch" BTT again while it's already active (e.g. check via Activity Monitor that there is a BetterTouchTool process), then it will show its preferences even if the menubar icon has been hidden.

A lot of people in this thread seem to be confused perhaps because they believe the message is being delivered by the OS before the app is already launched? I've provided some step by step instructions for what @Andreas_Hegenberg means when he says to relaunch the app while it is already active/running.

Unverified step by step instructions:

  1. Open BTT
  2. Observe the app launches and displays "BTT is currently disabled..." message.
    leave the app open on that message during next steps
  3. Go back to "home" screen by pressing the home button
    (square icon on round button usually on front of physical device)
  4. Tap the BTT app icon in the home screen again.

For Future Reference: In the screenshot provided by the OP, it can be inferred by multiple indicators that this is not the OS blocking the app from starting up, but the app running and handling these checks. Take a look at the UI and messaging. Neither have native styles. Plus there's a custom backdrop. Aka, proof that the app got to a running stage even if you know nothing about how native apps are put together/handled.

Sorry I have no idea what you are talking about. This is the official way to open the BTT preferences if you have hidden the menubar icon. It has been for almost ten years.

Then my Caveat totally applies...I'll remove that comment to reduce confusion.

:wink: This only happens if users have manually disabled the menubar icon and thus can not access the enable item anymore. Removing the menubar icon has always been in the advanced section in the BTT settings and comes with a warning about how to open the preferences after doing so.

The specific issue here is that BTT got disabled for some reason, and without knowing the users' setup it's hard to say what triggered this (most likely they used the "Enable / Disable BetterTouchTool" action or disabled BTT for a specific app using the app specific settings or maybe their trial just ended. The easiest way to re-enable BTT in such a case is to use the menubar icon menu.

The message shown in the first post is just meant to be a reminder that you disabled BTT. That's because without having the menubar icon visible, there is no way to see whether BTT is enabled or disabled.

Ooh, thanks for the detailed understanding! I'll keep that in mind if/when I test/find issues.