Cannot get to show my BTT Touchbar

Hi there,

i was playing around the BBT for hours now but I can't get my BTT Touchbars on char on my Bro 13" 2017 under the current release version of Catalina.

I even tried to import BTT Presets to check if I made a mistake pn y side, but no change:
All impftet, I can see all the entires with the BTT App, but my Touchbar is still empty, except the Apple controls on the right.
The Touch Bar is like:
{ESC} {Konfigurieren in:} {Bereich "Erweiterungen" der Einstellung} {Apple Controls}


Hi Thomas,

make sure system preferences-> keyboard-> „touchbar shows“ is set to „app controls“

Hi Andreas,

thank you very much for the quick answer.
Problem solved :slight_smile:

Wish and and all in the great community a merry Christmas and later on a Happy new year:-)