Can you use a mouse button as a modifier to other mouse buttons

Hi there,

Thanks for BTT. I love the functionality. Apologies for any ignorance in my question. I just got a evoluent vertical mouse and I'm wondering if it's possible to set one of the mouse buttons (right button) as a modifier for other mouse buttons? I have two buttons that I use for 'move left a space' (button 3) and 'move right a space' (button 5 )and want to make the same buttons perform '3F Swipe Left (Page Back)' and '3F Swipe right (Page Forward)' when holding the right button on the mouse.

Is this possible? If not, I just have right button remaining that doesn't have mapping and require those two functions ( 3F Swipe Left (Page Back)' and '3F Swipe right (Page Forward)). Is there any other work arounds for this?

Thanks for any suggestions.

I think you can achieve this with "Advanced Trigger Conditions" with the "currently_pressed_mouse_buttons" variable: