Can you toggle or set the inertia of the trackpad on a Macbook?


Is it possible to toggle the inertia of a Macbook Trackpad (M1/M2, if that matters), either as a button press/toggle?

You can toggle inertia off/on under Accessibility -> Use Inertia for Scrolling (Trackpad):

However most of the time I do want inertia turned on, however toggling it would be great as there are a few weird issues, such as scrolling in Canvas HTML elements, Google Sheets, etc.

One idea i had is that I should be able to toggle this using:

defaults write TrackpadMomentumScroll -bool true
defaults write TrackpadMomentumScroll -bool true

But nothing seems to happen, sometimes it shows on a reboot. It must be triggering a reset of the trackpad or something when the "Ok" button is pressed?

I'm using defaults read > pre.txt , changing the setting, then doing it again and doing a diff.

I don't think there is currently a way to achieve this with BTT, I'll check whether I can find a way to do it.

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