Can you combine the native Touch Bar with GC?

I'm new to BetterTouchTool and Mac in general. I've also created a similar post over on the BTT forums, but wanted to expand my audience in hopes I can get more information.

I've installed the Golden Chaos preset and I've modified some of the elements to fit my liking shown here. I also love the default setup for safari shown here.

So my question is... does anyone know if I can modify the default safari setup with the add tab buttons, tab previews, favorite bar buttons, etc., but change the audio/system controls on the right side of the Touch Bar with my edited version through the golden chaos preset?

Here is a picture trying to show what I basically combining the two, or is that not currently possible?

Sadly, this is not possible. The best you can do is disable BTT for specific apps.

Do you know if there are any scripts I can do in btt to possibly replicate the tab previews and favorites buttons, even if they are not exact?

Honestly no. I've looked through these forums quite a bit and haven't found anything like that yet. But you can disable BTT for specific apps, so you could use safari as normal. Or set a key bind to disable BTT so you can swap quickly.

I wish it were possible, this is definitely the #2 most commonly asked question after supporting the native autocomplete. Sadly, the native Touch Bar is the native Touch Bar and BTT is BTT, and they have to be separate. I’d love a native browser tabs widget for BTT, but last I checked that is not possible (at least not anytime soon). @Andreas_Hegenberg can chime in if things have changed :slight_smile:

Okay no problem! Thanks for the info