Can turning on "Process Priority Helper Tool" slow down the macOS?

Sometimes, macOS becomes unbearably slow, the pinwheel cursor appearing, and not responding for a while (Intel iMac 27inch 2019 on Mac 12.6).

I've been wrestling with this issue for a long time, but I wasn't able to detect what was causing the delay; due to the freezing, I couldn't even run System Activity.

But today, when the issue occurred again, I was able to see in iStat Menus (a system monitor app) BTT is constantly using the SSD, at the very moment I was having the freezing issue.
So I became suspicious about BTT, and I turned off Process Priority Helper Tool.

So far, so good. It almost seems to fix the issue. But I'll wait and see what'll happen.

But interestingly, I haven't had this issue on my Macbook Air M1.
So it seems to me that this issue may occur only on Intel Macs.

Any similar experience?