Can this tool stop touchpad messing up my typing?

I downloaded a trial of BetterTouchTool hoping it would help me with a problem with my typing style and my new macbook pro.
Apparently I don't have good form, but I'm 62 and that's not changing. When I type anything more than a few words, my hands must touch the huge touchpad, because my cursor moves and I end up with my new typing location back in the page somewhere.
I am happy to buy this tool if someone can show me how it can help.
The only solution has been to use a mouse and accessibility to disable the touchpad.

Ok, so it sounds like your palms hit the trackpad while you're typing. There's a way to disable the trackpad in MacOS using an Accessibility shortcut called "Mouse Keys".

To enable Mouse Keys, you'd hit the Option button 5 times in a row. In theory, you could use BTT to create an easier shortcut to trigger the 5 Option key presses.

I just tried it, wasn't able to get it to work.

@wickenden Let me know if that sounds like what you're trying to do, I can post the step by step directions for setting it up.

@Andreas_Hegenberg - Any thoughts? I created a chain of events calling Opt Down - Opt Up 5 times, couldn't get it to activate the Mouse Keys.

I have this same issue. I've tried to set the BTT default sensitivity settings to the lowest values I can find, but still the cursor jumps from where I'm typing to some random location on the screen. Usually, I end up typing in the wrong location, but sometimes I end up in a separate window or application. Seems to me the settings in BTT should disable the track pad while I'm typing, and keep it disabled for some period of time (a second or two would be nice) after I hit the last letter, but I can't get this to work. The Mouse Keys setting might completely disable the track pad, which whould help, but then I'd have to re-enable it to use it. I set BTT to disable trackpad gestures while typing, and set the 'time based' delay to the max value of 2. I also turned on "Reenable gestures only after touching the center area of the trackpad." I also turned on 'thumb/palm handling,' but these don't seem to help at all. Still searching for help, but this one frustrates me every time I use the keyboard. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

BTT can't help with that as that would require deeper system integration, but maybe have a look at this project: