Can the floating menu position be updated faster ?


I'm a longtime windows user and now using mac for work.
I made my own traffic lights buttons so i can use existing muscle memory:
This menu is set to snap to the top right corner of the active window.
The problem is that when a window is not maximized (but visible on screen) and i click the green button, the window is maximized, but it takes a few seconds for the menu to move to the correct position.

Is there a way to speed up the position update ?

Bonus questions

  1. I want to have a different keyboard shortcut for the red button in Finder, since Finder doesn't respond to Cmd+Q, and i've tried excluding based on window name "Finder" and app name "", but the menu still shows up in Finder windows. What am i doing wrong ?

  2. Due to some apps having buttons in the top right corner, i'd like to be able to hide the menu when i hold down a modifier key (such as Option), but have it visible otherwise. I can't find a way to do this using the modifier visibility options.

Thank you very much for this great piece of software !

Fixed this, app name is just "Finder".

Problem is, BTT doesn't get notified when you maxmize a window. You could try something like this in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers" section to make BTT aware it should reposition the floating menus:

Hiding with a modifier key is currently not easily possible, but it's on my todo list.
To achieve it right now, you would need to set up two key sequences - one for option key down, to hide the menu. And one for option key up to show the menu:

Thank you very much !

Brilliant, it works.

I tried the unnamed trigger trick but it did not work in my case (i'm not actually clicking the normal macOS traffic lights). But, i am seeing some progress:

It's being positioned correctly, even when moving the window around and maximizing, yay !
But, as you can see in the video, if there are 2 windows from the same app, it doesn't move the buttons when moving focus between the windows (the buttons flashing at the end is me pressing the Option key to try to force a reposition). Is there some trick to making it work ?

Snapshot of config:

Thanks again !