Can one use btt:// protocol to import webserver / general BTT config?

As in topic - is there a way to import some generic configs such as webdev server config via btt:// protocol somehow? If so, could you point me to the right direction or if not - could you reconsider enabling it?

Just bumping the topic out of curiosity :slight_smile:

Currently the only way to import the general BTT config is by importing a preset that includes that config.
This can be done using btt://jsonimport/preset-json-as-base64

So it is kind of possible but not really in a good way :slight_smile:
Also this won't include secret keys like the web-server password (if set) as they are stored in the macOS keychain.

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Hmmm... Okay, thank you @Andreas_Hegenberg for the hint.

Perhaps I'll just tell you why I'm asking - my js library over BTT webserver API is reaching a level in which I'll create an official docs, landing page etc - just to promote the library itself and surely BetterTouchTool :slight_smile: And in those docs/guide I wanted to create a button, which'd import some basic webserver (surely, after user accepts the dialog that'd pop up by default). Then I could show the basic capabilities of the library without any required actions to the user in terms of configuring the BTT - you know, two clicks in the browser and you already see what BTT and the lib can do. (though I'm kinda worried about how secure that is, buuut I wanted to try it anyway)

So lets assume two scenarios:

  1. Scenario A

    • User has BTT installed, but has not configured webserver at all (it is disabled)
    • User imports my preset that contains some webserver set up (without password as you mentioned, cause it's not possible)
  2. Scenario B

    • User has BTT installed, and has configured webserver already (with set up shared key)
    • User imports my preset that contains some webserver set up (without password as you mentioned, cause it's not possible)

Will either scenario A or scenario B work?

That's really nice! I'm currently quite busy with all the UI stuff and various freelance projects I need to finish, but I really want to write about your library too. November should be more relaxed :slight_smile:

Scenario A will work. In scenario B the configured actions may not work because the shared key set by the user doesn't match.

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Alright, I'll try to play around with it :slight_smile: And I cannot wait to see the new BTT UI in action - looks awesome!

No rush, thanks for great support as always!