Can Multiple TouchBar Presets Auto-Inherit Another TouchBar Preset?

I have 5 buttons on my customized "home" touchbar. They each load a different preset. I know this isn't really the way presets were intended to be used, but I was looking for a behavior that I couldn't create with them all in one (though honestly, I can't remember what that is at this point...but I know I tried hard to make my system work all in one) :upside_down_face:.

My Presets are - "Home", which leads to "Personal", "Financial", "Health", "Business" presets (and they lead back "Home")

Anyway, I want my custom touchbar up nearly all the time, except when I use 2Do. My question is - do I need to copy and paste the 2Do-specific behaviors to each preset? This would be fine, but I find that I refine my 2Do system a lot and sometimes forget to update every one of my presets.

Or, can I create anotheremphasized text** preset, just for the 2Do behavior, and then have "Health" and "Business" presets inherit the behaviors in the 2Do preset?

Basically, I'm looking to "activate additional triggers from other presets" automatically every time I change presets.

Thanks for any help!

  • Brian

Might be useful to peep at how my preset AQT works in this case. I have four main sets called the QuickStrip which are similar to your Home, Personal, etc.

Thanks very much! I've checked out AquaTouch, and it's very cool, but I'm a guy that needs to build his own systems!

For anyone stumbling on this question I actually finally figured out that you need to:

  • go to the trigger in setup
  • select "switch to preset" for the action
  • select a master preset and also check the boxes of the "supplemental" ones.

...actually not sure how I missed that. Oh well.

Yeah, I meant that you can learn from it, but I guess I'll explain it here.

So for the quickstrip, which is similar to your situation;

I have four hidden groups for each of the toggles.
I suggest you merge each of your induvidual presets into the one for smoother switching, each in each own group. Then you could just use the "Open group with name" to do the job.

With this way, you can set stuff to show when you open to-do automatically, using its app group. Much like how AquaTouch works between its quickstrip and app controls!