Can I use the better touch tool in Windows 10? (Apple Magic Mouse)

I am suffering from finger pain.
So I used 'betterTouchTool' to replace 'left click' with touch.

My company gave me a MacBook and a Magic Mouse.
But I use only Windows 10 computers at home.

I want to write like this on Windows 10.
Is it possible to install 'betterTouchTool' on Windows 10?

of course not... better touch tool is written in swift/objective-c and use multiple frameworks that are not available in windows.

(Had to bring that old jewellery up :stuck_out_tongue:)
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Hello, I don't speak English so I can't understand the content of the video. (I always use the Google Translator.)
Can you briefly summarize it?

It's just a compilation of an old publicities series :slightly_smiling_face: Basically you have a windows computer (on the left) and a Mac Computer (on the right) talking together like friends, but disagreeing on some small things, and they both realise in each spot that Mac is better than windows :wink: