Can I use fn keyboard button to show default BTT Touch Bar configuration in apps?

Hello, I'm new to the BTT world, but I'm really appreciating it to customize my touchbar making it more usable. I have only a doubt.

I set a custom BTT touchbar to use with All Apps, while for some specific apps, such as Telegram, I wanted to show the default touchbar configuration of those apps (the one that Apple calls "App Controls"), therefore I set it in this way.

All works fine, but I was wondering if I can show the configured BTT touchbar (All Apps one) using the fn keyboard button when I'm using apps showing the native touchbar configuration of the app itself.

In other words, I'd like to activate BTT by pressing the fn button when I'm using an app showing its native touchbar.

I hope that the point it's clear,
thank you in advance.

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