Can I use dictation to trigger an action?

Hi, with the demise of Dragon Dictate for Mac, I am wondering if there is an alternative using the built-in Mac dictation software. One of the things that I'm wanting to replicate is using spoken phrases to trigger long strings of text or Applescripts. BTT has a trigger using key sequences/typed phrases, but when I use the built-in dictation to type these words, BTT doesn't seem to be triggered. I suspect BTT is monitoring the keyboard itself rather than what letters come up on the screen.

Can anyone point me in a direction that I can get this to work? I know I can purchase & install Keyboard Maestro, but I'm trying to avoid installing yet another piece of software.


Have you checked Voice Control in Accessibility preferences? That's meant to replace dragon dictate. It can be used to use a spoken phrase to trigger an AppleScript.

Hmm, thanks. I can't find any voice controls in my Mac's accessibility preferences.

Are you on Catalina? I think that's when it was introduced. Previous OS could do something similar but it might be hidden somewhere else. In Catalina it has it's own section in Accessibility.