Can I see what Dropbox account is used for syncing settings?


I have used BTT with two computers and they sync pretty well. It was a bit of a hazzle to get it to work, but as it is marked as an experimental feature, this is OK. Now I want to sync to a third computer. I get a success that syncing is activated, but I am unsure if the settings are not loaded because there is a bug in BTT or because it for some reason may be the wrong account for Dropbox. Is there somewhere I can verify the account associated with Dropbox?

I logged in with the wrong account first, then I logged in with what I am quite sure is the right account based on the created date of the BTT folder in Dropbox. Will log out of Dropbox, deactivating sync (deactivating the checkbox in the app sync page), logging in to the correct account in Dropbox and activating sync fix this, or will it try with the previous account again?

Thanks in advance.