Can I "pretend" that I'm always pressing SHIFT while using the vertical mouse wheel in a regular mouse?


Kind of a newbie when it comes to BTT, so I'd like to ask for help on this.

What I'm trying to do is, when using a certain application (Studio One 6 DAW, in this case), to make BTT "fool" Studio One into pretending that I'm always pressing the SHIFT key when I'm using the vertical scroll mouse wheel on my Logitech MX Master 3 to scroll, even though I'm not pressing the SHIFT key, I'm only using the mouse wheel.

In other words, I want to always transform the action "vertical scrolling" into SHIFT key + "vertical scrolling"

Hope I explained my aim clearly...

Miguel Barrosa

Just a bump. Anyone?

I think BTT currently can't do that.

I have some plans to add some way to modify scroll events, but haven't worked on it yet.

Hello Andreas, thanks for the reply. I'll keep checking the newer versions.

Miguel Barrosa