Can I make modifier keys do something by themselves

I'm a PC user about to make the leap to Mac. Due to handicap, I rely heavily on an app called autohotkey to customize keyboard interactions.

One of the things I do is map L Ctrl + R Ctrl = copy, L Ctrl + R Shift = paste, R Ctrl by itself to Find (Ctrl+F), R Alt by itself to switch to previous app, etc. The reason is I use modifier keys in the usual way only with the left modifier keys, so I am free to do funky things with the right ones. Due to my weird hands, it's much easier for me to hit L + R Ctrl than Ctrl + C, for example. So my question is can BTT map the modifier keys in this way?

Also, does it recognize PC keyboard and map keys like Menu and pause / print / scroll lock / windows key?


You should be able to do all this with key sequences :slightly_smiling_face:

e.g. L Ctrl + R Shift looks like this

You have to figure out if you want to hold e.g. ctrl while pressing shift or not. Just experiment with it a little bit.