Can I fix "scroll acceleration" issues with BTT settings?

I'm using Logitech Performance MX on iMac with HighSierra. I installed Logitech Control Center, because without it the movement of the cursor was laggy. Now I have the "scroll acceleration" issue which is interfering with the way my scroll wheel is working. This is very annoying effect as I work with PowerPoint slides and this effect is causing PowerPoint to scroll through basically random amount of slides at each time (sometimes it's one, sometimes two, or three, even four on occasion). And if I set the scroll acceleration to zero, the scrolling stops working altogether:(
I tried adding a configuration for Normal Mouse where I set a Scroll Event for {0,1} for scroll up and {0,-1} for scroll down.
But at the end it doesn't matter what I set - the BTT configuration has no effect whatsoever on the mouse behaviour and everything is overwritten by whatever is currently set up in Logitech CC.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I get rid of Logitech software for BTT to start working?