Can BTT provide access to the native Touch Bar icons?

Hi, I'm trying to create some simple custom buttons on the Touch Bar (e.g., a forward delete key!) but the icons provided by clash with the system icons. There seems to be a native icon set available (e.g., but I can't find them in Mojave.

Would it be possible for BTT to provide access to the native icon set, where ever they may lurk?



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Thank you yyuuiko - that is a nice well-organised extract from the asset folder. I wish I had seen it earlier.

I found the asset folder before posting my request, and tried applying the icons but they still don't look the same as the native icons. For instance, if I use the brightness icon in the BTT brightness slider widget, it is much smaller than the native brightness icon in the control strip. I played around the settings to see if removing padding or adjusting the icon height would help but it just distorted the icon and made it look worse.

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Thanks for the feedback!

To get the icons from the pack right, follow two simple steps:

  1. Ensure this checkbox is on:

  2. For every icon you use from this pack, use: [Height: 30pt, Width: 30pt]

Once you get those done, they should look criisspy.