Can BTT fix a MacBook's broken keyboard?


I have one of those unfortunate MacBooks with malfunctioning keyboards and several keys sometimes act as being pressed twice instead of just once.

And I wonder if this is something BTT can help with.

Thank you.

Hi Adam,

BTT won't help with that.
There are other apps that try to (GitHub - aahung/Unshaky: A software attempt to address the "double key press" issue on Apple's butterfly keyboard [not actively maintained] ), but the only real solution is getting the keyboard replaced.

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Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your quick reply, I will look into that.

I'm planning to replace the MacBook altogether soon so I'm just looking for a solution in the meanwhile as the malfunction is getting worse.

just FYI: I think the apple keyboard replacement program is still running... so even if you want to replace the Macbook soon, maybe worth getting the keyboard replaced:

//edit: ahh I missed this:
The program covers eligible MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models for 4 years after the first retail sale of the unit.

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Indeed, I have the 2015 15-inch Pro model so I'm a bit out of luck.

Thank you regardless.