Can BTT differentiate input source?

First of all thank you for this amazing tool, it has made me so much more
productive and creative with my work and just how I think about Personal Computers.

Now on to the problem at hand :smiley:

I have this neat ExpressKey remote From Wacom. Its great their software however is atrocious.

So I want to use BTT to edit and manage the little remote. I do this by going into Wacom's software
and assigning the remote to A, B, C etc etc so that BTT can pick up the buttons as standard keys.

But the problem is my standard keyboard also has those letters and so its respective buttons all do the same thing.

So in Photoshop
"M" on both devices activates Selection tool
"T" on both devices activates Text tool
"P" on both devices activates Path tool

I essentially want both devices to trigger different hotkeys and not conflict.


Remote: M triggers M
Keyboard: M triggers ⌘+T

Is this possible? if not. Any Ideas would be deeply appreciated, I've been all day trying to figure this out.


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