Can BTT deactivate macOS system keys (brightness, volume etc.)


I set all system shortcuts (brightness, volume) to FN + F1 ... F12. Now these combination should be used in LogicPro and brightness, volume should react with the shift-modifier. (FN + shift + F1 ... F12)
Can I use BTT to tell macOS Sonoma to not be triggered anymore? Because I can't find dedicated settings in the macOS preferences / keyboards.

Thank you!

Sorry I think I don't understand what/where you have configured something and what happens.

Did you configure this in BTT? Can you give a concrete example of what happens currently and what you'd like to happen?


I've configured macOS Sonoma to adjust brightness/volume with FN+F1 (etc.), leaving F1...F12 free. With BTT, I've set now **Shift+**FN+F1...F12 for these functions, leaving FN + F1...F12 free.

However, Sonoma still reacts to FN+F1...F12, cause I can't find a menu how to block/ delete them. Can I use BTT to override this behavior? I want to integrate FN + F1 ... F12 into my LogicPro workflow. :slight_smile:

I think you should be able to record FN+F1 etc. in BTT. The system should not react to them anymore once configured in BTT.

I thought about that! I configure these shortcuts I want to overwrite within BTT.

Thank you will try it out.

I created for all Apps and left the action empty. In the beginning it felt unstable, but now it is working as expected.